A Tribute to Kati

Poem written by her Aunt Dolly

It's hard for us to understand,
why God has taken Kati home.
Our hearts are filled with sorrow
for so many years to come.

We weep to be bereft of
all the joy she's given -
Perhaps God has a plan for her
to train pets in Heaven?

She called herself "Mother"
to man's best friend -
God's own little creatures,
their lives to mend.

He sent her to challenge
to nurture and care,
For those who had nothing but love to share.

When we look into the Heavens on a cloudless, starry night,
We think we see our Kati's star-forever shining bright.

We trust her father, Floyd, and all the others that we miss -
Are filled with joy and gladness, to have her in their midst.

Lord, please take care of Kati, we leave her in your care -
Until we join the ones we love, atop the golden stairs.

Sadly missed by Mom, Linda & Dick Cline, Bobbi & Bill Moore, Carl & Mary Ann Evans, Elaine & Harlow Chapman, Caroline, Susan Blaiese, Kitty Tiller, Linda Kerr, Angel & Holly, Libby, Jean, Carol, Amanda

Please visit Kati's tribute page and leave flowers if you would like.